Multipurpose Incendiary Shotgun Shell

The multipurpose incendiary shell is designed to function as both a tracer and incendiary device. A light metal body is loaded with incendiary compound which is ignited by the propellant charge on firing. Helical vanes on the exterior of the shell impart a spin in smooth-bore shotguns to stabilize the shell.

The phosphor-magnesium incendiary compound is visible during the first 250m of the projecile's flight. Upon striking a target, a second charge detonates and also ignites any remaining compound, showering the target with burning material to a radius of 5 meters.

While the expelled incendiary is of only modest danger to personnel, any flammable material in the area will be ignited.

This round is most effective at less than 250m, when there is still incendiary compound in the body of the projectile.


TL Caliber Weight Muzzle Velocity Projectile(s) Eff Range Max Range
7 18.5x75mm 1 250m 1000m

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