MiniGrenade Shotgun Shell

The minigrenade shotgun shell is designed to give the individual gunner a small but highly efficient grenade launching capability without adding an additional weapon system. The shell launches a drag stabilized, impact fused minigranade accurately out to the range of 250m, and small target such as firing slits and widows can be engadged at 125m.

The fuse is an impact initiated, delayed detonation type. A creeper initiator detonated the grenade milliseconds after inpact, aloowing some penetration after impact before detonating. The grenade features a saftey interruptor that is not releaded until the round exits the muzzle of the weapon, preventing accidental detonation.

The grenade is composed of mild steel with a prefragmented body. A round fired through the window of a typical passenger vehicle will kill all the occupants. The open air burst radius is 5m, and is similar in effect to the V40 minigrenade.

A HEAP variation of this round is available, with the ability to defeat almost all known personnel armor.



TL Caliber Weight Muzzle Velocity Projectile(s) Eff Range Max Range
7 18.5x75mm 1 HE 250m 1000m

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